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Feb 9th, 2019

Alec Hocquard traveled to compete in a Karate Nova Scotia tournament and brought home some hardware.   He achieved a 1st place finish in Cadet kumite and a 3rd place finish while competing up in Junior kumite!!

Jan 19-20th, 2019

Congratulations to Hilary Pond and Yashna Hathi on their gold medals in kumite at the 2019 Karate Canada Senior Nationals!



Dec 1, 2019

Hilary Pond is bringing home a bronze medal from the Commonwealth Karate Championships in South Africa!  Congrats!


Oct 6-7, 2018

The Karate Atlantic Championships were held over the weekend and NBCRKA was well represented.  Saturday saw many clinics held with the tournament on Sunday.  We had athletes, coaches and officials from many NBCRKA associations including  KV, Fredericton, Two Rivers and Fundy.  Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this great annual event that was hosted this year in Sackville, NS by Karate Nova Scotia.  Next year...PEI!

Sep 1st-2nd, 2018

Karate NB held a team training camp Sat/Sun and invited Karate NS athletes to attend as well!  Karate and fitness training along with a BBQ to feed the hungry team!  NBCRKA karateka from KV, North Brook, Fredericton, Two Rivers and Fundy were in attendance.  Thanks to head coach Randy Rix for getting this put together and to Terry Soucy for tending to many of the BBQ duties.




Aug 30, 2018

Our very own Kate Campbell was one of 4 Karate Canada's Senior National Team athletes in France to take part in a 5-day international and invitational kumite training camp, alongside athletes from the French, Spanish, Swiss and Dutch National Teams.  Canadian athletes were supported on location by Senior National Team Kumite Head Coach Mrs. Nassim Varasteh.

Aug 23, 2018

2018 Rio de Janeiro Jr. Pan American Championships update:
Alexander Cumming fought a Brazilian in the first round of the -70kg cadet division of 16 competitors from 10 countries.  A hard fought match, with a 3-1 loss result as his last fight as a Cadet.   The Brazilian did not advance any further so that ended his athlete participation at the event.   Congratulations Alexander on your 2nd appearance at the Jr Pan Americans proudly sporting the maple leaf for Team Canada, and continue to work hard towards your karate goals. "It never gets easier you only get better!"


Aug 12/13 TJ web/print + Aug 17 KV Style print - 2018 Jr Pan Ams - AlexanderC

AlexanderC - 2018 Jr Pan Ams TJ article.pdf 235.3KB 21 Aug 2018 8:10 AM
AlexanderC - 2018 Jr Pan Ams KV Style article.pdf 4.2MB 21 Aug 2018 8:34 AM

July 31st, 2018

CBC Web article on AlexanderC -  2018 Jr Pan Am Karate Championships in Rio.

CBC Radio - Saint John Information Morning

July 28th, 2018

Some of our many NB Chito-Ryu athletes on the podium at the 2nd Annual Atlantic Karate Open:

Alec Hocquard - KV Karate (2nd) Alexander Cumming - KV Karate (1st)

Brooke D - KV Karate (2nd)  Hope C - KV Karate (1st)

Kristin D - Fredericton Karate (1st)   Olivia S - Fundy Karate (3rd)

July 20th-22nd, 2018

NB Chito-Ryu athletes had a great showing of invites to the Karate Canada Jr. National Training Camp over the weekend in Toronto.  We had 5 athletes in attendance. 

Alexander C - KV Karate

Alec H - KV Karate

Hope C - KV Karate

Brooke D - KV Karate

Olivia S - Fundy Karate

Congratulations to Alexander Cumming for being named to Team Karate Canada in the -70kg Cadet kumite division.  He will be representing Canada for the 2nd time in 3 years at the Jr. Pan American Karate Championships that are being held this year in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Aug 20-26.


June 23rd, 2018

The 2nd East Coast Games/Karate NB Grand Prix #2 was held at Millidgeville North School in Saint John.  There was a very large contingent of NB Chito-Ryu athletes, volunteers and officials.  Check out the NB Chito-Ryu action and podium shots!


June 15nd, 2018

Kate Campbell is bringing home a 3rd place bronze from the 2018 Sr Pan American Karate Championships in Santiago, Chile!

Female -55kg kumite for Team Karate Canada


June 2nd, 2018

Brooke Daigle (KV Karate) is bringing home some hardware from this year's Yarmouth Cup.  She was the only NBCRKA participant.  We're happy to announce she has been on the podium, not once, not twice...but three times today - Silver in Kata (Youth) and Bronze in Kumite (Youth) and Silver in the "King (Queen) of the Ring" (ages 12-15) competition.  Congratulations Brooke!


May 26th-27th, 2018

A Karate Canada Atlantic Regional Kumite Clinic was held over the weekend with some NBCRKA members in attendance for this elite training session.
(Coach R Rix, K Dixon, A Hocquard, A Cumming, K Campbell, Y Hathi)


May 18th-20th, 2018

The ARC Sensei Higashi Grading and Clinic was held in New Maryland over the weekend!  There were attendees from every Atlantic province for this event.  A big thank you to all those that participated and congratulations to all those who graded.

May 12th, 2018

The Karate NB Grand Prix #1 was held in Caraquet on Saturday.  Many NB Chito-Ryu athletes traveled to compete in the Recreational and Grand Prix levels.  There were lots of podium finishes for our athletes. 


KV Karate - Grand Prix results

Alexander C: 1st in cadet kumite, 2nd in cadet kata, 1st in junior kata, 3rd in junior kumite

Brooke D: 1st in kumite youth, 2nd kata youth, 3rd cadet kata

Hope C:  3rd in youth kumite, 2nd in cadet kumite

Alec H: 2nd in cadet kumite, 2nd in junior kumite

Diego A:  2nd in novice kata, 2nd in youth kumite

May 6th, 2018

We had 7 NBCRKA athletes that traveled to compete at the Montreal International Open held in Vaudreuil-Dorion over the weekend.  4 also participated in clinics that were put on by Junior Lefevre (6th Dan black belt in karate and the winner of multiple World Karate Championships and European Karate Championships medals representing both Croatia and Belgium at tournaments.)
Here are the NBCRKA podium results from the event:
Fredericton Karate Club - Kate Campbell - 1st in female Senior kumite -55kg
KV Karate - Alexander Cumming - 1st in male Cadet kumite -70kg
KV Karate - Alec Hocquard - 3rd in male Cadet kumite -63kg
KV Karate - Hope Clare - 4th in female Youth kumite +45kg

Hilary Pond, Kristin Dixon and Brooke Daigle also competed at the event.  Congratulations to you all!


April 21st, 2018

Alexander Cumming and Alec Hocquard from KV Karate participated in the Karate Nova Scotia Valley Championship GP#3 and took home some of their hardware.
Alexander - 1st in Cadet kumite, 3rd in Junior kumite and 3rd in a mixed age kata division
Alec - 3rd in Cadet kumite


April 7th, 2018

The first NBCRKA tournament of 2018 was held at the New Maryland Elementary School.  Thank you to all who participated and assisted in making this one another great success!


March 19th, 2018

Alexander Cumming from KV Karate was presented with his formal Jr. Shodan belt and certificate by Kyoshi Robert McInnes (earned at last year's grading events).  Well deserved, and your continued hard work pays off in spades!

March 17-18, 2018
Great NBCRKA Clinic held in New Maryland.
In addition to the clinic, some belts and certificates from last Spring's 2017 gradings were presented.  Congratulations to you all.


March 9-11, 2018

2018 Karate Canada National Championships - update

Congratulations to all of our NB Chito-Ryu participants, volunteers, coaches and officials. 

Here are our NBCRKA medalists at this years event!

Yashna Hathi - 2nd place Senior +68kg

Hilary Pond - 3rd place Senior -68kg

Alexander Cumming - 3rd place Cadet -70kg

Tommy Winters - 3rd place Youth -55kg

Hilary, Yashna and Kate Campbell - 1st place female Senior Team Kumite: Team Atlantic

Congrats also to Brent Donovan on upgrading to Kata and Kumite Judge A while attending Nationals and to Don Mazerolle and Neil Pond for also officiating at the event.

Terry Soucy was on the tournament committee for this years KC Nationals.

Head Coach for team KNB - Randy Rix, Assistant Coach Glen Savoie and Team Manager Scott Dixon

Awards Ceremony:

Hilary Pond - Academic Achievement Award: Post Secondary

Don Mazerolle - President's Award - Builder

Don Mazerolle - Achieved Karate Canada 7th Dan recognition

A big shout out THANK YOU to BC Sport Karate Snaps for some of the fabulous pictures that come out of Nationals!



Jan 31st, 2018

Great news from KV Karate!  A fresh crop of yellow and orange belts (along with one brown) were awarded at tonight's class at Ecole des Pionniers.

Dec 11, 2017

The Official Team Karate New Brunswick has been released.  Check out the list of our NBCRKA members that have made the cut to represent NB at the 2018 Karate Canada National Championships in March:

Alec Hocquard - KV
Alexander Cumming - KV
Brooke Daigle - KV
Christian Granter - North Brook
Clarissa Arseneault - KV
Elijah Lawson - Fredericton
Hilary Pond - Fredericton
Hope Clare - KV
Kate Campbell - Fredericton
Kristin Dixon - Fredericton
Logan Hughes - Two Rivers
Megan Brenan - Two Rivers
Olivia Savoie - Fundy
Tommy Winters - Fundy
Yashna Hathi - Fredericton

Nov 25th, 2017

Congratulations to Kate on her successful trip and competition performance (5th place finish!) in Japan!

Nov 21, 2017

Kate Campbell is headed to Okinawa Japan for the WKF Karate1 Series A competition (Nov 25th-26th).  Your NBCRKA family wishes you the best, and good luck at the event!

Nov 18-19, 2017

The Karate NB GP#3 tournament and Karate NB team training was held over the weekend in Caraquet.  NB Chito-Ryu athletes represented their dojos well, with a great number of podium finishes and athletic performances.

The following podium finishes were achieved by NBCRKA members in Grand Prix events at the KNB GP #3:

KV Karate

Alexander C:  1st place Cadet kumite

Alexander C:  1st place Cadet kata

Alec H:  2nd place Cadet kumite

Alec H:  3rd place Cadet kata

Brooke D:  2nd place Youth kumite

Brooke D:  3rd place Youth kata

Hope C:  2nd place Youth kata


New Maryland Karate Club

Kristin D:  1st place Cadet kumite

Kristin D:  1st place Junior kumite

Kate C:  1st place Senior kumite

Hilary P: 2nd place Senior kumite

Yashna H: 3rd place Senior kumite

Dylan H: 2nd place Novice kumite


Fundy School of Karate

Olivia S:  1st place Youth kumite

Olivia S:  2nd place Cadet kumite

Tommy W: 2nd place Youth kumite


Two Rivers Karate Club

Logan H: 1st place Novice kumite

Logan H: 3rd place Youth kata

Logan H: 3rd place Youth kumite

Nov 5, 2017

Sensei Higashi was presented with his 10th dan by the Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association at the AGM in Toronto!  Congratulations on your achievements and the deserved recognition that comes with the years of dedication to Chito-Ryu karate.

Oct 28th, 2017

The 1st 2017-2018 NBCRKA tournament accumulating points for the McInnes Cup was held at Rothesay High School.  We had a great turnout of NB Chito-Ryu athletes, a few from East Hants, NS too, and officials (including four from KV Karate officiating for the first time).  The younger athletes tested out the new bib format for use in Ribbon Kumite and it was a great success.






Oct 6-8, 2017

The 2017 Karate Atlantic Championships and training camps were held in St. John's NL over the weekend.  NBCRKA members participated in Karate Canada training sessions, officials clinics, and the tournament on Sunday.  Congratulations to all who participated in the weekend on The Rock!


Megan Brenan - 3rd - Elite Youth -45 KG Female Kumite

Kate Campbell - 1st - Elite Senior Female Kumite

Alexander Cumming - 1st - Elite Cadet/Junior Male Kumite, 1st - Elite Cadet Male Kata, 4th - Elite Junior Male Kata

Brooke Daigle - 1st Youth Female Kata, 3rd - Elite Youth Female +45 KG Kumite

Kristin Dixon - 1st - Elite Junior Female Kumite, 2nd - Elite Junior / Senior Female Kata

Shawna Goddard - 3rd - Elite Junior / Senior Female Kata

Yashan Hathi - 2nd - Elite Senior Female Kumite

Alec Hocquard - 1st Elite Cadet Male Kumite

Logan Hughes - 2nd - Advanced 10-11 Male Kumite, 3rd - Advanced 10-11 Kata

Hilary Pond - 3rd - Elite Senior Female Kumite

August 5, 2017

The first annual Atlantic Karate Open was held a the UNBSJ gymnasium with athletes in attendance from Quebec to Newfoundland!  NB Chito-Ryu had a great showing at this event with podium finishes at novice to elite levels.  Congratulations to all athletes, officials and volunteers who helped make this a roaring success.



June 24th, 2017

The first ever Karate NB tournament (GP#2) to be affiliated with the East Coast Games was held at Millidgeville North School in Saint John, NB. There were plenty of NB Chito-Ryu athletes present for competition and on the podium at this great event.

Congratulations to Alexander Cumming for being named Top Male Athlete of the tournament obtaining gold in Kata and Kumite after also finishing first in the 14-15 division at the ECG Kids of Steel triathlon earlier that morning.


June 11, 2017

NB Chito-Ryu athletes were invited/attended the Karate Canada Jr National Training Camp in Toronto, June 9th-11th:
Olivia Savoie (Youth), Alec Hocquard (Youth), Kristin Dixon (Cadet), Alexander Cumming (Cadet), and Hope Clare (Youth)

Missing from photo (Hope Clare).

Named to the Karate Canada Junior National Team headed to the Jr. Pan Am Karate Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina August 24th-26th!
Hope Clare - Female Youth (12-13) kumite: KV Karate
Olivia Savoie - Female Youth (12-13) kumite: Fundy Karate
Alec Hocquard - Male Youth (12-13) +50kg kumite: KV Karate

Train hard, fight hard, have fun and Good Luck in the competition!

Apr 15th, 2017

There were a great number of NB Chito-Ryu athletes on the podium at the KNB Grand Prix #1 this past weekend in Dieppe from dojos across the province in Rec and GP divisions! Congrats to the following athletes who medaled in the GP level as they strive for a spot on this year's Karate NB team:

Clarissa Arseneault KV (Novice)

Brooke Daigle - KV (Youth)

Hope Clare - KV (Youth)

Alec Hocquard - KV (Youth and Cadet)

Alexander Cumming - KV (Cadet)

Christian Granter - North Brook (Cadet)

Kristin Dixon - Fredericton (Junior)

Logan Hughes - Two Rivers (Novice)

Olivia Savoie - Fundy (Youth)

Tommy Winters - Fundy (Youth)

Also this past weekend - Hilary Pond and Kate Campbell are bringing home hardware from the 2017 USA Karate Open in Las Vegas.

Hilary: 3rd place, Female -68kg

Kate: 2nd place, Female Open


Apr 3rd, 2017

Look who's been named to the Karate Canada Senior National kumite team after their recent training camp in Toronto!

Best of the best of NB Chito-Ryu sr. females:

Yashna Hathi 68+kg

Hilary Pond -68kg

Kathryn Campbell -55kg

Congratulations ladies!!  We wish you all the best this year in your upcoming competitions.

Feb 25th, 2017

2017 Karate Canada Nationals officials:

Congratulations to our NB Chito-Ryu officials who received upgrades in the Karate Canada Officiating license.

Neil Pond - Kumite Ref A  [2nd from left]

Terry Soucy - Kata Judge A / Kumite Ref B  [3rd from left]

And special thanks to Donald Mazerolle  [3rd from right] for providing leadership and guidance during this great event.

Feb 25th, 2017

Karate Canada Nationals 2017 results for our NB Chito-Ryu athletes on Team Karate NB:

Kate Campbell (Gold Senior Female Kumite -55KG, Gold Women's Senior Kumite Open Weight)  [back row left]

Yashna Hathi (Silver Women's Senior Kumite +68KG)  [back row centre]

Hilary Pond (3rd Place Bronze in Women's Senior Kumite -68KG, 4th Place Bronze in Women's U21 Kumite Open Weight) [back row right]

Alec Hocquard (4th Place Bronze Male Youth Kumite +50KG  [front row centre]

Four of six Team KNB medalists are NB Chito-Ryu athtetes!!

Jan 27-29, 2017

Hilary Pond and Kate Campbell have recently returned from the 2017 Paris Open where they represented our Province and our country very well! It was Hilary’s first time at this event and although she did not make it to the podium, she gained immensely from the experience and is now better prepared to be a dominant force in her division at the Nationals coming up soon.  Go Hilary!

Kate Campbell was one of only two Canadians at the tournament to make it to the podium in kumite, earning a hard fought bronze medal and improving her standings on the world stage! Way to go Kate!

Dec 19, 2016

Karate Canada is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Donald Mazerolle to the composition of the national Officials’ Committee, where he will be joining existing members Jaroslav Tarana (Chair), Babak Sotoudeh and Andreas Kuntze. A long-time judge and referee himself, Don will bring additional experience and expertise to this Committee. Karate Canada warmly welcomes Mr. Mazerolle to this new role.

Oct 24, 2016

Kate Campbell gets a send off from her dojo (Fredericton Karate) heading to the  WKF Senior World's in Linz, Austria

Competition runs Oct 25-30, 2016


Aug 25, 2016

5th place finish for Alexander Cumming (KV Karate) representing Team Karate Canada in the U14 -50kg kumite division of the 2016 PKF Junior & Cadet Championships held in Guayaquil, Ecuador Aug 22-28, 2016

Alexander had 2 wins and a loss that brought him into the bronze medal match.  It ended in a 1-1 tie and was decided by hante.

Congratulations on your first appearance on Team Karate Canada in your first international event!


2016 World Chito-Ryu Bogu Cup Championships in the news!

Bogu-TJ.docx 1.6MB 11 Aug 2016 5:34 AM

Another successful event hosted by NB Chito-Ryu!

Alexander Cumming (KV Karate) - CBC Interview prior to departure for Jr. Pan Ams:

KV Karate athlete makes the paper!

Alexander - TJ August 7th.docx 4.0MB 11 Aug 2016 5:42 AM

July 15th-17th, 2016

Alexander Cumming from KV Karate attended the Karate Canada Junior National Training Camp in Toronto this weekend.  Sensei's Neil and Hilary Pond were also in attendance to take in the latest/greatest training techniques being applied at this elite level.

Alexander was selected at the JNTC to represent Team Karate Canada.  He will be competing in the -50kg, 12-13 year old (Youth), kumite division at the upcoming 2016 PKF Junior & Cadet Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador in late August.

Congratulations and Good Luck in Ecuador!


July 5th, 2016

A big thank you to members of KV Karate for providing some karate concepts to attendees of the Town of Rothesay’s Summer Programs for kids.  Mike Quinn, Hilary Pond and Alexander Cumming demonstrated warm-up, kumite, kata, punches, kicks, blocks, wrist breaks, and cool down techniques.  Counting to ten in Japanese and performing the alphabet in true karate fashion were a big hit!  I saw some real karate potential in this group.


June 4th, 2016

Lots of NB Chito-Ryu presence on the podium at the KNB Grand Prix Tournament #2 in Caraquet with 90+ athletes in attendance.

Congratulations to (partial list):

Kristin Dixon - 1st place Kumite in the female Grand Prix Youth Division

Kate Campbell - 1st place Kumite in the female Grand Prix Senior Division

Hope Clare - 3rd place Kata in the female Grand Prix Youth Division

Alec Hocquard - 2nd place Kumite and 3rd Place Kata for the male Grand Prix Youth Division

Alexander Cumming - 1st place Kumite and 1st place Kata for the male Grand Prix Youth Division

Connor Savoie - 1st place Kumite and 2nd place Kata for the male Grand Prix Cadet Division

Olivia Savoie - 2nd place Kumite and 1st place Kata female Grand Prix Youth Division

Erik Flanders - 1st place Kumite male Grand Prix Senior Division

Hilary Pond - 3rd place Kumite female Grand Prix Senior Division

Brook Daigle - 1st place Kumite in the female Rec. 10-11 Division




May 23 - 29th 2016

Kate Campbell and Yashna Hathi competed as part of the Karate Canada senior team delegation at the 2016 Pan American Senior Championship in Rio de Janeiro.

Here's a pic from the last team training session before the competition:

May 20th-22nd 2016

Another great Sensei Higashi clinic held this weekend with members from all over the East Coast in attendance at New Maryland.

Congratulations for those achieving their black belts and upgraded Yundansha levels this weekend.



May 13th-15th, 2016

Kristin Dixon from New Maryland and Alexander Cumming from KV Karate attended three kumite clinics by Tom Scott (USA Karate nationally and internationally decorated athlete) at the 2016 Montreal International Open.

Kristin won all her preliminary rounds and then came up just a bit short in the finals to take home a Silver Medal in her Youth Elite 12-13 +45Kg division.  

Alexander had a tough draw coming up against the 2016 Karate Canada Nationals gold medal winner Boaz Laor (QC) in the first round.  It was a close match with Alexander just coming up short in a 1-0 loss.  In the repachage, he was defeated by the eventual 4th place finisher in another close 1-0 loss.  Alexander was competing in the Youth Elite 12-13 +50kg division.

Congratulations to both athletes and a BIG thank you to Yashna Hathi who was in the area to stop in and support the NB Chito-Ryu athletes at the event!

(Kristin, Tom Scott, Alexander)



April 29-30, 2016

There was a Karate Canada Regional kumite training camp and elite kumite seminar featuring Senior National Team Kumite Head Coach Nassim Varastehwas held this weekend at the Halifax Ryuseikan dojo.  It was attended by some of our NBCRKA athletes (Alexander Cumming, Kristin Dixon, Alec Hocquard, Kate Campbell, Yashna Hathi, and Hilary Pond).  Thank you to Randy Rix, Karen Armour and especially Nassim for the awesome clinic!!

March 26, 2016

Congratulations to NB Chito-Ryu athletes Hilary Pond and Yashna Hathi for their participation at the 2016 US OPEN in Las Vegas!
Hilary Pond, U21 - Bronze Medal

March 19, 2016



New Brunswick's very own Kate Campbell and Hilary Pond have been named to the 2016-2017 Karate Canada Senior National Kumite Team!

Kate Campbell -55 kg

Hilary Pond -68 kg

Good luck at this year's competitions and congratulations ladies!!

Congratulations to our NB Chito-Ryu athletes that helped represent New Brunswick at the 2016 Karate Canada National Championships in Richmond, BC:

Kate Campbell, Hilary Pond, Yashna Hathi, Cowan Donovan, Alexander Cumming, Alec Hocquard, and Kristen Dixon

2016 Karate Canada National Championships - Team 'Karate NB' Results

Bronze Medal:

Alexander Cumming  -50 Kg Youth Division  (First ever Youth Division medalist for NB)

Hilary Pond  -68 Kg  U21 Division & -68 Senior Division
Yashna Haithi  +68Kg Senior Division
Gabriel Gates   +84 Kg Senior Division

Silver Medal:
Kate Campbell  Women's Team Kumite

Yashna Haithi  Women's Team Kumite
Hilary Pond     Women's Team Kumite
Cowan Donovan  Men's Team Kumite
Gabriel Gates  Men's Team Kumite

Gold Medal:
Kate Campbell   -55 Kg Senior Women's Division, Senior Women's Open Weight

Congratulations also to Brent Donovan and Terry Soucy for achieving their Judge B Kata & Judge B Kumite certification while testing at the Karate Canada Nationals.  NB had a total of 8 officials attend Nationals this year and of those, 5 were Chito-Ryu.

Congratulations to Sensei McInnes on recognition for achieving the rank of 7th Dan and also the title of "Kyoshi" -"Teacher of the Way" at the 2015 AGM in Toronto.  

Photos of Sensei McInnes changing to his new 7th Dan belt can be viewed in the Gallery.


Kate Campbell wins silver in karate at Pan Am GamesNew Brunswicker lost to Brazil's Valeria Kumizaki in the final of the women's 55-kilogram event

CBC News Posted: Jul 24, 2015 6:55 AM AT Last Updated: Jul 24, 2015 6:55 AM AT

Kate Campbell won a silver medal in karate at the Pan Am Games in Toronto on Thursday. Campbell defeated Brazil's Valeria Kumizaki in the round robin portion of the event, but lost to the Brazilian in the final.

Kate Campbell won a silver medal in karate at the Pan Am Games in Toronto on Thursday. Campbell defeated Brazil's Valeria Kumizaki in the round robin portion of the event, but lost to the Brazilian in the final. (CBC)

Related Stories

Fredericton's Kate Campbell won a silver medal in karate at the Pan Am Games in Toronto on Thursday.

Campbell fought Brazil's Valeria Kumizaki in the final of the women's 55-kilogram event on Thursday evening.

The score was 1-1 after time expired but the four judges and the referee decided the winner.

Campbell had defeated Kumizaki earlier in the day during the round robin phase of the Pan Am karate competition.

This Pan Am Games silver can be added to a growing list of accomplishments for Campbell.

She is coming off a silver medal at the Pan American Championships. She has also won a bronze at the USA Open and a gold medal at the North American Cup this year.


Kate Campbell heads to the Pan-Am Games

"Karate is like a chess match. We all get to a certain point where we are all fit, we are all really strong and we are all really fast but it comes down to who knows how to play the game better." -- Kate Campbell, who will be the first person from Atlantic Canada to represent the country at the Pan Am Games in karate.

Posted by CBC New Brunswick on Friday, June 12, 2015

Look who made the news again!!!

The following is a story posted on the CBC website on June 12, 2015.  You can find the posted article here.

Kate Campbell will compete in karate at the Pan Am Games

Fredericton woman has won 10 national titles and is now seeking international success in Toronto

CBC News Posted: Jun 12, 2015 1:13 PM AT Last Updated: Jun 12, 2015 1:13 PM AT

Karate Kate

Kate Campbell will be the first woman from Atlantic Canada to represent the country at the Pan Am Games in karate. (CBC)

The 24-year-old from Fredericton has 10 national titles under her belt and now she's gearing up for the international competition.

She said winning at the Pan Am Games next month is more about strategy than strength.

"Karate is like a chess match. We all get to a certain point where we are all fit, we are all really strong and we are all really fast but it comes down to who knows how to play the game better," she said.

Campbell, who has been known for years as Karate Kate, is gearing up her practice for the competition that begins next month.

Karate Kate Campbell

Campbell, (on the right), has been training four hours a day and six days a week in preparation for the Pan Am Games in Toronto. (Julianne Hazlewood/CBC)

She is getting ready to leave for Toronto next weekend to continue her training closer to the site of the upcoming games.

Campbell said she does not mind this ramped-up practice schedule.

"What don't I love about karate? It's just something I've done since I was five, so I don't know another way of life," Campbell said.

Donald Mazerolle, her long-time sensei, has trained Campbell since her first day in the sport.

"She's a positive role model for all the juniors. And I see that in the juniors, because they try to mimic what Kate is doing. It's all about Kate," Mazerolle said.

The Pam Am Games are from July 10 to 26 in Toronto.


Hilary Pond, Randy Rix, Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell and Hilary Pond did us very proud at the 2015 US Open and North American Cup

held in Las Vegas.

Kate Campbell garnered a total of 4 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) and Hilary Pond picked up a bronze medal!

Simply put....Chito-Ryu girls rock!

KV Karate athlete makes the paper!

Hilary - KV Style.docx 884.5KB 11 Aug 2016 6:52 AM

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